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it's time to reimagine the social contract

are you prepared to lead?

Our work is grounded in research findings over the last three decades in emotional intelligence, empathy, brain science, high performance cultures, mindfulness and resilience.

While work is important, it is just one part of our lives. As we enter the future of work, the old rules simply don't apply, expectations have changed. By using research-proven practices and getting to the real issues, we help leaders create the conditions for talent to thrive. And in the process, people in your organization feel more valued, included, and capable—together, we leave the world a better place.

Our Services


Because demands constantly outpace our capacity to deliver, we support you to develop personal mastery and attend to your personal ecology.


Study after study shows that smarts and technical skills aren’t enough. We help leaders and teams build trust, manage healthy conflict, practice empathy, and turn to each other for support and strength to sustain the entire organization.


We can help you put what you glean from employee surveys and exit interviews into time-bound, meaningful programmatic initiatives. By tapping into the powerful contagion of emotions and smart sequencing as enablers of change and strategy, your organization will become more resilient and more effective.


Through deep engagement with you and your key stakeholders, we uncover the critical headwinds and tailwinds influencing your organization.

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