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Jennifer Wilson, MA

Executive Coach, Facilitator, Senior Consultant

Jennifer has 25 years of experience facilitating transformational change in people, teams and organizations. She works collaboratively and systematically to design customized solutions that are rooted in values, mission and vision in order to achieve each client’s unique goals. By applying a transformational approach, Jennifer is able to elevate people’s ability to work well together while they design effective ways to achieve outstanding results.

Jennifer is skilled at deeply listening and synthesizing what she hears into workable ideas that reflect the input of all constituents. Her facilitation style helps surface innovative ideas that challenge current conditions to re-energize organizational culture and the way teams function. Jennifer allows people the space to boldly innovate and stretch, creating opportunities for real change to happen.

Jennifer has consulted across the US in diverse settings, from wilderness backcountry to urban boardrooms. A partial list of organizations she has served includes: The Obama Foundation, Sierra Club, NRDC, League of Conservation Voters, Environmental Defense Fund, UNIDOS, Open Society Foundations, ioby, Esperanza Unida, Wisconsin Public Radio, and UW-Madison.

Jennifer has firsthand experience with managing teams as they bring transformational projects from inception through completion. She developed a number of projects for Milwaukee Public Schools, including design and delivery of staff training during a district-wide student information system changeover, and co-creating an online professional development system and an online new teacher mentoring program. Jennifer went on to co-found two urban high schools dedicated to serving marginalized youth.

Jennifer earned her MA in Counseling and Educational Psychology at the University of Minnesota-Minneapolis and has completed training in coaching, transformational consulting, experiential leadership, and studied Immunity to Change with Keegan and Lahey at Harvard University. She earned her B.S. in psychology at Carroll University. Her diverse training and education helps her bring a unique perspective and fresh ideas to each new client. She takes much of her inspiration from nature, where lessons and metaphors for creating dynamic change abound.

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