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José Dominguez

Executive coach, Consultant

José has extensive experience as a leader working in operations, employee engagement and culture building in racially and generationally diverse communities and organizations. He specializes in coaching (both individual and organizational), fundraising, and taking leaders into trusting deeper levels of engagement with those that they serve in order to forge stronger connections that will assist in securing success.

Through collaboration, José contributes to his clients’ ecosystems the uncanny ability to identify connections between disparate groups and create essential, inclusive, cross issue coalitions. His gentle intuition, blended with his ability to equitably shift perspective, creates space to brainstorm, shape and bring creative ideas and approaches into the light.

José believes that when leaders discover their purpose they create meaning, not only for their own lives, but their staff, organizations and communities in which they work. His coaching philosophy begins with establishing a foundation for personal and professional values, which clients can then use as the filter for their most critical decision making.

José has taken his mission—to help create meaning in people’s work by bringing them into a deeper connection with themselves—into his work as an internal executive and as a coach in service to organizations including the Obama Foundation, Pyramid Atlantic Arts Center, Participatory Budgeting Project, Wealth Reclamation Academy of Practitioners, Father Uplift Inc,

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